March Special Total

Thank you everyone who came out for the March Special, Bellies and Babies Month! This month held so much more than I ever expected! It was a month of joy and sadness. I loved meeting the beautiful new babies, and seeing the fun, playful kiddos!

My life has been forever changed by one beautiful baby, who I had the privilege of meeting. I had asked you all to please pray for little Miss Abigail in earlier posts. Precious Abi was taken to the arms of Jesus last Saturday, March 31st. She was here for a very short time, but she impacted the hearts and lives of many through her story. As I mentioned earlier, I had gone to the Hershey Medical Center and photographed Abi while she was in the NICU. I learned so much in the short amount of time that I had with her and her family! It reminded me of why I love my job, and made me greatful for the opportunity to use talents God has given me to bless this family. I learned what thankfulness really means. To be thankful for the amount of time that we have with the ones that we love, no matter how long or short that time may be. I learned about love – the love of a mother and father, the love that a newborn baby has for her parents when she hears their voice. I learned from a community of people, who have and who are, continuing to rally around this family and lifting prayers to God. Finally, I learned about hope. A hope that we can have in our Heavenly Father. While we may never understand His reasoning for taking little Abi to Heaven early, we can have the hope of seeing her again one day and the hope of knowing she is in his arms!

Through the supporters of the March Special, Simply Pictorial is able to donate $150.00 to the Crossroads Pregnancy Center. This donation is being made in memory of Abigail Thawley. Thank you every one for your support in the special!


About Simply Pictorial

Hi everyone! Thank you for coming to view my blog and taking an interest in my photographs! My name is Shena Pinto and my greatest passion is photography! I love having the opportunity to get to know new people, and the privilege of taking photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. My favorite thing about photography is how it captures emotion. I absolutely love seeing adoration, laughter, and happiness shine in photographs. I think that fact is what inspires me the most. I graduated from Lycoming College in 2008 with a degree in Photography and Electronic art. My husband Jason and I live in central Pennsylvania. Jason and I team up for weddings, he brings creative design elements, tech support, and emotional support, to my wedding photographs. Jason is a graphic designer, so his design and my camera eye make a great pair.
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