Please Pray for Abby

Yesterday I had the most humbling and amazing experience of my career and my life. I had the honor of meeting this sweet, little Abigail, who has captured my heart in the small amount of time that I got to spend with her. Her life is so precious and I’m truly honored to have been asked to capture these images!

Baby Abigail was born with heart complications and needs to undergo very serious heart surgery on Wednesday, March 28th. I’m asking all of you to please join me in praying for this precious baby. Please pray for her physical strength as she undergoes this surgery. Please pray for the doctors performing the surgery, that they would allow the Ultimate Healer to work through them and guide them through the operation. Please pray for Abi’s parents as they wait the many hours that the surgery will take, for her family and friends who all love her so much, and for a Peace that passeth all understanding.

Thank you! Much love Abi Girl!


About Simply Pictorial

Hi everyone! Thank you for coming to view my blog and taking an interest in my photographs! My name is Shena Pinto and my greatest passion is photography! I love having the opportunity to get to know new people, and the privilege of taking photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. My favorite thing about photography is how it captures emotion. I absolutely love seeing adoration, laughter, and happiness shine in photographs. I think that fact is what inspires me the most. I graduated from Lycoming College in 2008 with a degree in Photography and Electronic art. My husband Jason and I live in central Pennsylvania. Jason and I team up for weddings, he brings creative design elements, tech support, and emotional support, to my wedding photographs. Jason is a graphic designer, so his design and my camera eye make a great pair.
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17 Responses to Please Pray for Abby

  1. Amy B says:

    Absolutely precious! Continuing my prayers for Abigail, her parents and the awesome surgical team.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Abigail is sooo beautiful! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone, today, tomorrow and until she comes home healthy.

  3. Tiffanee Lenza-Mull says:

    Bless your hearts. I can not even imagine what you all are going through at this current time. My thoughts are prayers are with you all.

  4. Lisa says:

    Sending prayers for this sweet baby and her family ❤

  5. Brenda says:

    It is hard to believe,someone this beautiful and sweet can be sick.God wrap your arm around this precious Abigail and give the Dr’s the wisdom a courage to do what they have to do,and bring very fast healing to this precious baby,In Jesus precious name we pray Amen!!!

  6. Peg Guyert says:

    Father God in the name of Jesus wrap your arms around dear little Abigail and her Mommy and Daddy. Give the doctors the knowledge, power, wisdom, courage, and strenght to do the surgery needed. Giude their hands so they may have the ability to do the necessary work that will give this little one perfect health. All this we pray in the most percious name of Jesus! Amen and Amen!

  7. Inez says:

    Not only my prayers and thoughts are with you Abigail but also my heart as it melted away looking at your pictures! You are absolutely adorable, May God bless you! Please dear Lord bless the heart and hands of all the Doctors and nurses that are taking care of Abigail for a safe surgery and fast healing for this precious little miracle!

  8. Veronica Guidry says:


  9. Barbara Hemmendinger says:

    Abigail is so beautiful and strong. She has much to face, but with you as wonderful parents, a great team of doctors, and strong faith and courage, hope is also strong.

  10. valerie says:

    What a beautiful baby, Abigail has been a miracle from day 1 so Please dear lord be with the doctors, nurses, and all staff that are taking care of beautiful Abigail and let the miracles continue. Keep Abigail strong and feisty for a quick recovery. Hold Rob and Mandy tight througout the long hours of waitng. Give them peace and help them to remember when they can’t go anymore that you are there with them to carry them thru. Keep the grandparents in your fold as well for they not only hurt for Abigail they also hurt for there children Rob and Mandy so please dear Lord give them strength and peace. In Jesus name we Pray Amen and Amen

  11. Bobbi says:

    Sheno, this is so nicely said. She is beautiful and u did a wonderful job. I will def pray for Abigail and her family, and I can’t imagine what they are going thru. But I will pray for their strength, and Abigail’s strength, and wonderful, healing hands for the doctor’s to make her well. God bless Abigail and her family.

  12. Thank you everyone for your kind words and compliments! This has truly been the most amazing experience for me! I feel so blessed, that I got to meet her face to face and hold her little hand! The pictures are not of my own doing, but by gifts given from my Heavenly Father. I praise him for that, and I have faith in his healing power as baby Abi goes into surgery tomorrow. Most of all I thank all of you for your prayers. Both the ones that you’ve so beautifully written here, and the ones that you’re whispering to God. I know Mandy, Rob and their families are so grateful! Please don’t cease praying!

  13. Dear Mommy and Daddy, Abigail is just adorable, beautiful, precious and a miracle. Thank you for sharing these photos. We will storm the gates of heaven with prayers for guidance by God’s own hand for the medical staff, and successful surgery for Abigail.. Tomorrow AM our BIble Study meets and this prayer will be a top priority. Blessings to you all.

  14. Carol Grove says:

    Praying for Abi and her family and friends. Praying that the doctors are guided by God and that all feel His presence. Praying for strength, peace and comfort for all.

  15. Sharon says:

    Praying for you and your family!

  16. Cortney says:

    Prayers He hears. In this moment, there are many. Believe it. Feel Him near you. Doctors at Hershey have touched my son’s life as well as a dear friend’s. May He give you the peace, comfort, and strength today and in the moments, hours, and days ahead. Trust fully in Him. He loves you and your precious girl!

  17. Lori Rinaldi says:

    Abigail is beautiful!!! I will be praying for her, as well as Mommy and Daddy too.

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